Paros: A Paradise of Cycladic Beauty

Parikia: A Traditional Greek Heaven

A Memorable Holiday Awaits

Paros, the enchanting island in the heart of the Cyclades, is a true paradise for lovers of the Greek island landscape. With its exceptional sandy beaches, picturesque villages, and ancient heritage, Paros offers a unique experience to every visitor.
Parosbay Hotel

Parosbay Beach Hotel in Parikia: A Strategic Retreat

The location of Parosbay Beach Hotel on Parasporos Beach, near Parikia, highlights its strategic significance. Here, guests enjoy a peaceful area with direct access to the azure sea and the soft sand of Parasporos Beach, while also being within close proximity to the main town of Parikia and the picturesque Naoussa.
Parosbay Hotel

Diverse Beaches for Every Taste

The beaches of Punda and Parasporos offer a variety of options for sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts. Punda, renowned for its water activities and all-night parties, attracts a young crowd and lovers of live music. On the other hand, Parasporos, with its picturesque beauty and calm waters, is an ideal destination for relaxation and tranquility.

Sandy Escapes: Diverse Beach
Experiences in Paros

Where Nature, Culture, and Nightlife Unite

Parikia, the largest town in Paros, exudes an air of traditional Greek settlement. The narrow cobblestone paths, old churches, and blue rooftops of the houses create a unique aesthetic atmosphere. The town stands out for its lively atmosphere both during the day, with its shops and taverns, and at night, with bars and nightclubs offering endless entertainment.